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NEW... “Homeotherapeutics,
A Handbook of Homeopathic Medicine.
2nd edition 2006"

Homeotherapeutics Handbook

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To get in touch with Prof. Alexandra N. Delinick M.D., please contact her at alex.delinick@gmail.com
or by telephone at (+30) 210.2840601 & (+30) 6944546332

For information concerning her Curriculum vitae please go to CV

The New Homeotherapeutics Site

First we would like to begin by thanking you ! Why? Well, you are here now!  Homeotherapeutics is continuously interested in the way you access the medical information provided on this site.

Very minimal changes have been made to the menu on the left. "Homeopathy & Conventional Medicine"  & "Research" open to subdirectories to the right of the menu.

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