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These abstracts, written by Delinick and co-workers about the homeopathic potentization process and the organism and its pathology introduced the ideas of self-organization phenomena put forward by Ilya Prigogine and Gregory Nicholis. These ideas can explain the stabilization of information in the water, water/ethanol dilution as well as the changes in the stabilization of information in the microtubules of the organism. They also introduce the specific electromagnetic fields or frequencies produced by the homeopathic potentization process. Other scientists have done experiments based on Delinick’s ideas, and have come to agree with her conclusions as stated above.

1. 8th Panhellenic Medical Homeopathic Congress, Vafopoulio Institute, 27-28 April 1991, Thessaloniki Greece
 - a. A New Model of the Organism and its Pathology
 - b. A Hypothesis on how the Homeopathic Remedies work on the Organism

2. Abstracts: The Berlin Journal on Research in Homeopathy. Vol. 1. No. 1, September 1990 - No. 4 & 5; Sept./Dec. 1991.
 - a. A New Medical Model of the Organism and its Pathology
 - b. A Hypothesis on how homeopathic remedies work on the Organism.

3. 47th International Medical Homeopathic Congress organized by the International Medical Homeopathic League. Cordoba, Argentina, 27-31 Oct. 1992 Abstracts: a. Protocol for statistical clinical research study in classical Homeopathy b. Hypothetical relations between pathology, the organism and self-organization phenomena in far from equilibrium systems

4. OMEOMED 92: First International Congress: The Homeopathic Medicine in Europe 1993. Organized by Prof. Bornoroni - Istituto Superiore di Medicina Olistica e di Ecologia - University of Urbino- Sept. 24-27 1992
 - a. A Thermodynamic Model of the Organism conducive to Homeopathy
 - b. A Hypothesis on the Wavelike Behavior of the homeopathic remedy

5. 48th International Medical Homeopathic Congress organized by the International Medical Homeopathic League. Vienna, Austria, 24 - 28 April 1993 Abstract: A Hypothesis on how the homeopathic remedies react with the organism and how pathological symptoms arise using the "new physics theories."

6. Μay 19, 1993. National Research Institute of Athens. Presented a paper with title “Physical Properties of Water” with Professors Victor Antonchenko amd Victor Ilyin

7. GIRI Conference, Montpellier France, 1993.
 - a. Delinick, Antonchenko, Ilyin, " Physical properties of water and how they relate to homeopathic preparations."
 - b. Delinick A.N. " The Chamomilla Experiment."
 - c. Delinick, Bourkas, Karagiannopoulos, First conductometric study "Potency measurements of Homeopathic Remedies."

8. The International Proceedings of Interdisciplinary Congress in "Biomagnetism and Medicine." Kefallonia, Ionian Islands. Greece May 12-16 1993 Delinick was a guest speaker on abstract: A Possible Explanation why Like cures Like, in Biomagnetism.

9. 20th Panhellenic Congress of the Medical Society of Athens, Greece - May 1994. Abstract: Delinick A.N., Bourkas P.D., Karagiannopoulos C.G., "Experimental evaluation of the results of the potentization of Homeopathic Dilutions." .

10. 20th Annual Panhellenic Medical Conference sponsored by the Medical Society of Athens. Athens, May 1994. Abstract no. 345 [poster] “Experimental evaluation of the results of the potentization of homeopathic dilutions” Delinick, Bourkas and Karagiannopoulos. 20 May 1994

11. First International Meeting on Scientific Basis of Modern Pharmacy. Athens, Greece June 8-10 1994, Organized by the military Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Panhellenic Association of Pharmacists. Proceeding published in European Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics. Abstract: P.D. Bourkas, A.N. Delinick, C.G. Karagiannopoulos. "Experimental Evaluation of Homeopathic Remedies."

12. 7th Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Congress, June 11-13 1994 organized by Panhellenic Association of Pharmacists and the Hellenic Pharmaceuticals Organization, Abstract: P.D. Bourkas, A.N. Delinick, C.G. Karagiannopoulos "Experimental Evaluation of the Homeopathic Remedy."

13. GIRI Conference held in Israel in 10-12 Dec. 1994. Delinick, "How non-linear thermodynamics, quantum physics, electrophysiology and self-organization phenomena provide a holistic framework for looking at the organism and its pathology."

14. 49th LIGA International Medical Homeopathic Conference held in New Delhi, India on March 3-7 1995. Delinick, Bourkas, Karagiannopoulos, "Experimental evaluation of differences between homeopathic dilutions in comparison to double distilled water."

15. Delinick A.N., Bourkas P.D., and Karagiannopoulos C.G., "Experimental Measurements of the Homeopathic Remedy carried out at the National Technical University of Athens." 52nd LIGA International Medical Homeopathic Conference held in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. in May 1997 Published in Proceeding, pg. 126-133

16. Bourkas P.D., Karagiannopoulos C.G., Delinick A.N., Abstract: Identification of Water Dilutions through Electrical Measurements - Published in Proceedings of 9th International Symposium on Electrical Instruments in Industry - IMEKO - International Measurement Confederation - IMEKO TC-4 Technical Committee on Measurement of Electrical Quantities. Sept. 1-9 1997, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. Pp. 213-216.



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