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Homeotherapeutics - Homeopathy


“Homeotherapeutics, A Handbook of
Homeopathic Medicine.”



First I would like to define for you the term Homeotherapeutics. “Homeo” comes from the Greek and means “similar” or “like.” “Therapeutics” also comes from the Greek, meaning “treatment of 
disease.” Thus Homeotherapeutics comprises the  treatment of disease by using similar or like means.
So you may ask, “But what are these similar or like means?” What this means is that the organism can  be treated therapeutically by using the information that the organism contains. In other words the 
organism itself, in bringing to the surface certainpathological symptoms, is giving us information about the “state of being,” the state of “wellness” or “pathology” present in that organism at that specific
time. Through Homeopathy, SQUID53 (Super Conductor Quantum Interference Devices) analysis and therapy, and other methods of therapy, which all come under the definition of Homeotherapeutics, we
can treat patients much more correctly, with less adverse side effects and promote the future well-being of these individuals.

Homeopathy is only one method of therapy under Homeotherapeutics. This book will be concerned with classical Homeopathy,9 its historical evolution, its scientific explanation and the type of model of the organism and its pathology that is brought forward by the whole process.

As a medical doctor I see that modern medicine has done wonders for many diseases. It has paved the way for many new medical innovations and machines that have saved the lives of many. But many problems have arisen from these modern day medicines and medical practices as well.

The area in which I believe modern medicine has failed is the "chronic disease" field and this has to do with the models of the organism and the way we perceive that pathology occurs. By chronic disease I mean a disease of slow progress and long continuance. 

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