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Masters and Bachelors Program at NSA "Vassil Levski" University, Sofia, Bulgaria



The NSA "Vassil Levski" in Sofia, Bulgaria, a member of Sofia's Universities is a university level educational institution, granted full state accreditation with 60 years of experience in the field of Physical Education, Sports and Physiotherapy.

The NSA has created new programs at the Department of Olympism, Ecology and Health, Section of Health Sciences. These new curriculae programs have been accredited by the National Agency of Assessment and Accreditation of higher schools and will give a Bachelor/Master of Homeopathy (5 year program) to new students of Homeopathy and Master of Science (2 year program) in Homeopathic Therapy to those already holding a medical, veterinary, dental, physiotherapy/kinesitherapy, pharmacy degree.

The Masters Program will bestow a Masters of Science Diploma in Homeopathic Therapy and will be starting in December 2002. A summary of the course is given below:
The course will be divided into six modules of study.
The 1st Module entitled Basics of Homeopathic Therapy I is comprised of the History of Homeopathy, Study of Hahnemann's major work - The Organon (6th ed.), Basics of Quantum Physics and how they relate to Homeopathy, a Biophysics Model of the Organism and its Pathology, the Clinical Provings, the Law of Similars, the differential diagnostic Homeopathic Interview.

The 2nd Module entitled Basics of Homeopathic Therapy II is comprised of Study of the Polychrests (major Homeopathic remedies,) Study of Works by other leading Master Homeopaths I, Differential Diagnosis of Major Rubrics, Treatment of Acute diseases, Treatment of Chronic diseases, the Handling of the first, second and third Prescription.

The 3rd Module has two parts. The A part is Research and Experimental Setups and the B part is Polychrests, live and paper cases. The A part consists of, Setting up Clinical Double Blind trials in Homeopathy, Lab and cell culture studies, physical chemical studies or basic research in Homeopathy. The B part is comprised of Study of works by other leading master Homeopaths II, Study of polychrests, live and paper cases.

The 4th Module has two parts. The A part is Clinical case taking - live and paper cases and the B part is Homeopathic Specialization. The A part is comprised of study of smaller homeopathic remedies I and I, study of Computer Expert Systems, Differential diagnosis of Major rubrics, Live and paper cases. The B part is specifically pinpointing major and minor remedies in pathologies in Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Otorhinolaryngology.

The 5th Module is entitled Clinical Case taking. It is comprised of Study of the Polychrests, Live and Paper Cases, Handling of difficult cases, Review of Different Schools of Homeopathy and Future Medicine - Review of other methods of therapy analogous to Homeopathy.

Module 6 is the Master's Thesis.

Those eligible for the Masters of Science in Homeopathic Therapy are persons who hold valid, accredited degrees in Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Veterinary Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science. Thus medical doctors, dentists, kinesitherapists/physiotherapists, veterinarians and pharmacists are eligible to follow this program. Thus if you want to broaden your horizons of medical knowledge and be part of preventive and non-aggressive health care, you can register for the Master of Science course in Homeopathic Therapy. At the end of 720 contact hours of Homeopathic theoretical and clinical study you will receive a Masters Diploma in Homeopathic Therapy that will be state/govt. approved and accredited. 

The Director of the program is Professor Alexandra N. Delinick, M.D., MHom. Professor Delinick has many years of experience and study in Homeopathy and has been General Secretary of Research for the International Medical Homeopathic League (1995-98), Research Director for the Hellenic Medical Homeopathic Society, Research Director for George Vithoulkas' Center of Homeopathic Medicine in Athens, ex-Assistant to George Vithoulkas and Executive/Research Editor for the "European Journal of Classical Homeopathy."

The Master of Science Course will begin in December 2002. The course will be given one three day weekend per month, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The dates will be announced at the beginning of the program. Each day will consist of 9 contact hours of lessons, thus 27 contact hours of lessons in one three day weekend.

The cost of the Master of Science Course for foreign students will be 3000 Euro per year. 

The curriculum of the Master of Science Course will bestow upon the student a Master of Science Diploma at the end of the two year study and will fulfill all aspects of Homeopathic theory, practice and research. The course will invite other well known teachers of Homeopathy to participate and will act as a forum for Homeopathy worldwide.

Unfortunately the Masters in Homeopathy Therapy has been discontinued by the university due to a change in rectors and policy of the university.


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